Dissertation Research:

My doctoral research focused on the life experiences of incarceration and prisoner reentry. For over two years, I facilitated workshops, focus groups, and interviews and with men and women utilizing a community-based reentry organization in downtown Newark, New Jersey. During this time, I learned how men and women navigated and negotiated this transition from being imprisoned to obtaining freedom. This process of reentry is compounded by the loss of social, economic, and political rights, otherwise known as "civil death" which inhibits critical aspects livelihood. In the end, persons with a felony status in America, can find themselves in an arduous situation of being left in limbo of not being fully free while not fully incarcerated, hence forming a "neo-civil death" and a different way of understanding one's status and citizenship. 

Current Research:

Much of my current research is tackling issues of prisoner reentry including: reentry and clothing, reentry and spousal selection, and reentry and time. In addition to my work on prisoner reentry, I have studied issues in popular culture, particularly hip-hop music, social media spaces, and current social issues (e.g. #BlackLivesMatter). 

Future Research:

My next large project is still in the early stages but will focus on human and non-human cohabitation in shared spaces of the carceral state. 

"Freedom is the right to grow, it’s the right to blossom, Freedom is the right to be yourself."

-Assata Shakur